Porcelain / Fiberglass Chip Repair

Bathtub repair can be successfully performed on all types of porcelain tubs as well as tubs made of fiberglass, acrylic, or cultured marble. Fixtures are often damaged during shipping, during installation, or sometimes as a result of a heavy or sharp object accidentally falling onto the surface. When these fixtures are in otherwise good condition, it makes sense to perform a bathtub or chip repair. This kind of bathtub repair┬ácan be performed right where it is – quickly and inexpensively. If you have anything from a small chip to a large crack, we can help. Our process takes our resurfacing service to help hide damage from any of your small accidents. We first sand the area and apply an epoxy resin filler to the area to fill the damage. We sand the repaired area smooth. In the case of a large crack in fiberglass, we may have to inject a foam resin beneath the damaged area for support to the repair. Also in such cases, we may need to perform the additional step of using a fiberglass mesh along with the epoxy resin filler for further support to the damaged area. The final step then is to match the color of the fixture and spray a tinted epoxy coating to the damaged area.