Bathtub Tile Resurfacing

Bergen County, NJ, has many beautiful homes across historical design eras. Tile, particularly bathtub tile, wears down over time as years of baths, showers, soaps, shampoos, cleaning solvents, and general use chip microscopically away at the tile glaze. If you suspect your bathroom could benefit from tub tile resurfacing, call the experts at Perma Ceram.

Perma Ceram is Bergen County’s dedicated source for tile reglazing and resurfacing. We can save and protect your tile so you don’t need to replace and re-grout your bathroom simply because the bathroom is well-loved. Many homeowners don’t even know that saving their tile in this way is an option, but Perma Ceram is here to make it happen.

Why Choose Perma Ceram?

What started out as a passionate hobby between a father and his two sons became Perma Ceram, New Jersey’s dedicated tile resurfacing business. We’re still family-owned and operated — this is our full-time job! We do this because our true passion is resurfacing and saving your bathtub tile to save your home and save you money.

How Does Bathtub Tile Resurfacing Work?

You may think that your only option as your tiles wear down is to replace them and re-grout your bathroom. Even in a modern home, this type of remodel is costly and time-consuming. However, in an older home, this presents you with the additional challenge of finding and sourcing tile that matches your existing vintage bathroom on top of the time and costs of a modern remodel.

Perma Ceram developed our special epoxy blend and process to take the time and expense out of this process. Our epoxy imitates true porcelain without high-temperature firing, takes 1-3 hours to apply from start to finish, and is typically ready to use normally within 4 hours.

For a free virtual quote or to schedule your tile resurfacing, reach out online or call 888-797-8108.